Everything in the World Takes 4 Hours

Did you ever notice how many obligatory tasks, which are seemingly simple, wind up taking an exponentially (and annoyingly) longer time to complete than you think they should? Perhaps this is why the Mad About You episode entitled Sofa’s Choice with the t ...

Visiting the clearance section at Target revs me up

Teach Your Dollars to Have More Cents

My dad, Melvin Grossberg, ingrained in me at a very young age to “Teach your dollars to have more cents.” Though in his hallmark New York/New Jersey accent it sounds more like, “Teach ya dollas to have moah cents.” Thus began my zest for scouting out coup ...

Jen's 80s outfit

Bustin’ a Move in Boca

Recently, as part of my volunteer efforts at the Mandel JCC, I served on the special event committee for “Saturday Night @ The J Come Party Like it’s 1989.” In addition to crafting a fun and eventful night out, the event had a pivotal chartable component ...

Sitting on My Ball

Getting on the Ball

Back in 2011 during my span as the Marketing Manager for a growing legal technology firm in New York City, I had developed back pain. To me, the obvious cause was the byproduct of sitting at my desk for many hours day-in-and-day-out. At the time, I didn’t ...

Stuck on Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper, Spinach and Stockings

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We’ve all had our fair share of awkward moments—well at least most of us have anyway. You know, the proverbial spinach in our teeth, toilet paper sticking to the bottom of our shoe, or gasp, a dangling booger. Whatever the em ...